Gamification for Intercultural Education – an online meeting

#Update on the project Gamification for Intercultural Education

The second Online meeting was held on 31 May 2021. All partners took part virtually in this meeting and gave their contribution to having a successful and meaning full meeting.

During the meeting it was briefly presented the current status of work, next tasks and what should be present and prepare for the products. Mainly it was discussed about the first product called “Handbook – Gamification for Intercultural Education”. Mr. Adnan Ademi is assigned to work on the product and we expect that the product will be ready by the end of the year.

In the beginning of the 2022, we expect that the product will be available in different languages in our website and in the official website of the project.

Please visit the webpage of the project to get to know more about the project and what is coming next:

Bellow some pictures taken from the meeting.

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