Gamification for Intercultural Education - Virtual Kick-off meeting
‘Gamification’ and ‘Intercultural Education’ are fancy words that have been largely used in the education and learning sector for many years. But what does it actually mean and how can it lead to improved learning outcomes?
To learn more about it we have started a new project called “Gamification for Intercultural Education” which aim to provide practical support in solving problems originating in cultural differences. School education time is most appropriate for the implementation of this strategy. When thinking about preparing a creative generation for the challenges of the 21st century, we must first and foremost take care of the intercultural condition of the young generation. This will also have an impact on adults (teachers, parents, families, friends).
Gamification for Intercultural Education is an innovation project in which we will be working for the next 24months. The project is being coordinated by the Polish Institution (KCZIA) 🇵🇱 and partners: EUNOIA 🇲🇰, ASI 🇷🇴, DDE 🇬🇷 and HAFL 🇹🇷.
Activities of the project:
📑Researches on the topic
📲Online platform for Gamification and Intercultural Education activities
📍5 Transnational project meetings
👨‍💼Local Activities in each partner countries
👩‍🏫Final conference in Skopje
On 29th April we held the first virtual kick-off meeting where we had the chance to present our institution and get to know other partners with whom we will share the idea and we will implement the project for the next 2 years.
More information’s about the project are coming soon!
Follow us and stay tuned…

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