Nusret Iseini

Key Team

Versatile Project Manager, Dedicated Trainer, and Expert IT Supporter at EUNOIA Skopje Association.

With over a decade of professional experience, our team member has forged a remarkable path as a Project Manager, Trainer, and IT Supporter within EUNOIA Association. Their journey is marked by active involvement in over 50 International and European projects, and they are currently spearheading multiple initiatives under Erasmus+ Partnerships for Cooperation (KA2).

A Record of Excellence:
Having played a pivotal role in various projects, our team member boasts an impressive track record in project dissemination and multiplier events, demonstrating exceptional international cooperation skills. Their ability to foster collaboration transcends borders, making them a sought-after collaborator on the international stage.

A Facilitator and Trainer:
Having previously contributed as a facilitator and trainer in diverse Erasmus+ projects, our team member is now stepping into a new role, actively implementing projects under both KA1 and KA2. Their expertise and commitment ensure that they will be a significant driving force behind the success of these projects.

A Constant Presence:
You can count on our team member’s unwavering dedication, as they will be consistently involved in our upcoming projects. Their extensive experience and passion for international cooperation make them an indispensable asset to our team and our mission.

CEO | Project Mananger

Project Managing
Delivering Trainings
Research and Development
Graphic Design
Web Development (Wordpress)

Project Experience