Young people for crime prevention - Youth Exchange in Romania

Between the dates 15th-23rd of October 2020 in Cristuru-Secuiesc, Romania, 32 young people aged 15-21 from Romania, North Macedonia, Ukraine and Hungary came together to participate in a Youth Exchange in Romania, “Young people for crime prevention”

During those days, participants got to know each other through interesting activities. Everyday started with fun games and energizers, after which the participants participated actively in groups.

Every session started with different activities and discussions which helped the participants gather more information’s and gain knowledge on the topic.

Participants shared examples about crimes in their countries but also gave insight form their own experiences.
They worked on finding solutions on how to prevent crimes, how not to be victims, how to protect themselves; the main thing that they would have taken away from this project was that even if they were from different countries and nationalities, they were facing the same problems.

At the end of every day, they had intercultural nights where each team country presented their history, culture, traditions and where the participants had the opportunity to learn new dances and words and to taste different varieties of traditional food.

It was an honour for us, @Elmedina Elezi and @Nora Limani, to have had the chance to facilitate this Youth Exchange for the first time.

*Some Photos from the Project

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