Cook It Up’ is a project that sizzles with creativity and culinary exploration, bringing people together through the joy of cooking and sharing delectable meals.

The aim of this exchange is to help youngsters use cooking as a means to work and communicate better with each other. They have the chance to shop for groceries, cook, clean, and collaborate toward a common goal. Throughout the exchange, participants learn about minimizing food waste and maximizing utility. Various challenges spice up the experience.

This exchange is for those aged 18-30 who are interested in cooking, reducing food waste, exploring recipes from different cultures, and enhancing their collaborative skills. Participants from Italy, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, and North Macedonia are currently taking part, with each country represented by five participants (4+1 leader).

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Welcome to the Infopack for the Youth Exchange called "Cook it Up", your gateway to enticing details about the Project, cozy Accommodation, thrilling Travel tips, and a treasure trove of other Practical Information. You'll find the Infopack in the link labeled 'Read Me' below.

Cook it Up Activity

Preparatory Visit

The Preparatory Visit took place in Skopje between 1-2 July 2023.

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Cook it Up Activity

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National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility (NAEEPM)
Erasmus+ | EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport