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Youth Exchange

Inter-Cultural Actors

Inter-Cultural Actors aims at promoting EU values through culture, to contribute to the construction of an EU identity in which young people can recognize themselves and take part as active citizens.

At the project Inter-Cultural Actors, 26 young participants from five different countries, will learn together in 8 days of Youth Exchange.

The info-pack provides all the necessary information about the project and will be a central piece of the project. Read it carefully!


Click here to learn more about the project and to see and read the Infopack!

Details for Preparatory Visit:

In this activity which will take place in Fiorenzuola, Italy between 20 – 23 March 2024 (including travel days) will participate only the Group Leaders of five countries (North Macedonia, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece).

There is not age limit for Group Leader, it must just be over 20 years old. No previous experience is needed!

The preparatory visit must be attended by 1 of the 5 participants of the YE: during the selection phase therefore, at least one participant of your group must be available for both dates of the two  activities; preferred participant is the group leader/youth worker/the person in charge of the group preparation

The Preparatory Visit will be a key point for the preparation phase: defining the roles, the contributions of each partners, the final details of the methodology, visibility, dissemination and follow-up, the practical arrangements and preparation of the groups.

Details for Youth Exchange (YE):

The activity will take place in Morfasso, Italy.
Dates:  6 – 15 May 2024 (including travel days);
Particpants: 4 participants between 20 – 30 years old.

YE will focus on the EU Identity featured by the variety of languages, religions, political statutes, continuous interchange, cultures and traditions, customs and popular beliefs, myths, tales, legends, rhymes, roverbs, music, song and dance; we’ll explore what does it mean to be European citizens, and how to be active EU citizens, what we can do in order to spread awareness among our community using our creativity applied to creative writing, theatre forum and video making and podcast creation.

Information about the participants

Who can participate and what are the rules and conditions:


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