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Manual for Youth Workers

Project Result One (1) - Tools for inclusive YOU.TH. (YOUth workers and Theater workers in synergy). A Real-digital trajectory.

This Manual is designed to support Youth Workers providing a background knowledge of methodologies and practices used mostly in the field of theater, with the aim to produce inclusive Non-Formal Education (NFE) activities. When addressing inclusion, it is important to know what to take into consideration to create effective inclusive activities in face-to-face activities and also in digital youth work. We strongly believe that theater can be put at the service of youth workers to foster inclusion.

This Manual has been produced within YOU.TH. project. “Tools for inclusive YOU.TH. (YOUth workers and Theater workers in synergy). A Real-digital trajectory” is an Erasmus+ KA220 Cooperation Partnership in the field of youth.

Our Manual has the aim of increasing awareness on the necessary knowledge, skills and competences contributing to efficient use of theater methodologies and practices to foster inclusion of youngsters in regular or digital world.

The contents are conceived for the direct use by youth workers in the framework of NFE in need to increase their abilities to create and implement inclusive activities accessible also in digital format, with its translation in multiple languages (English plus each partner’s language) as well as widespread diffusion laying the grounds for the widest geographic coverage across Europe. Due to its comprehensiveness, it is also suitable for the use in many other different sectors by many different operators also spreading the potential of NFE (teachers, educators, youth workers…).

Content of the Manual

Manual Topics

The Manual comprises five fundamental subjects that we've pinpointed as the core elements of Youth Work. These subjects are organized into five tabs found below.

The Manual is available at NO COST. If you are accessing it from a PC or Laptop, you can download it from the right side of your screen (look for the Download File). For mobile users, simply scroll down to the page to find the Download File. The Manual is available in 5 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Albanian. If you want to have the Manual in other languages than English, please contact us and we will send the file to you.


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