Elmedina Elezi

Key Team

Seasoned Facilitator in Erasmus+ Endeavors, Master of Green Economy & Sustainable Development

In our accomplished team, you’ll find a guiding light – a dedicated facilitator with a wealth of experience in Erasmus+ initiatives. Armed with a Master’s degree in Green Economy & Sustainable Development, she is at the forefront of projects under both KA1 and KA2.

A Multifaceted Talent:
Beyond her role in Erasmus+, our team member has expanded her horizons through online courses in digital marketing, becoming a proficient online content creator. Her versatility shines as she seamlessly combines her expertise in digital marketing with a keen understanding of sustainable development.

A Champion of Sustainability:
With a passion for sustainability and ecology deeply rooted in her work, she has been an integral part of numerous projects and training programs centered on themes such as ecology, sustainability, circular economy, and more. Her commitment to these vital issues drives meaningful change.

An Eager Contributor:
Her enthusiasm for European projects knows no bounds. She is not only eager to learn but also to actively contribute to shaping the future of Europe through her work. Her dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to our team and a driving force behind our mission.

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinating
Social Media Manager

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