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E-Learning Course

Working Package five (5) - Development of E-Learning Course | GFIE project

The E-learning course is a comprehensive resource designed to support teachers in effectively engaging with students involved in intercultural education. It offers a diverse range of educational materials and tools specifically tailored to this context.

One key focus of this course is the incorporation of games as a powerful educational tool within intercultural education. Notably, it introduces an innovative approach by providing training materials that encompass the entire spectrum of game-related aspects in intercultural education. This includes guidance on conceptualizing, developing, and implementing games suitable for intercultural education. Furthermore, the course covers the essential skill of adapting games to different educational settings, whether they be outdoor, board-based, or online.

This adaptability is particularly crucial in light of the evolving conditions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. By equipping educators with the knowledge and tools to adapt games for diverse learning environments, the course enables them to continue fostering intercultural understanding and education even in challenging circumstances.

Content of the E-Course

E-Course Modules

The E-Course guides teachers in creating and using educational games across diverse classroom settings, with a particular focus on online, outdoor, and board games. 

Download section

Navigate through this section to access the E-Learning Course, where you can explore all five Modules covering intercultural education training, the significance of games, engaging student methodologies, crafting educational games techniques, and the application of educational games in diverse learning environments. These modules are available on the e-learning platform and can also be downloaded as PDF files for your convenience.

Module 1

Training of Intercultural Education

Module 2

The role of games in intercultural education

Module 3

Methodology of involving students in Gamification Process

Module 4

Methodology of Creating Educational Games

Module 5

Use of Educational Games in different educational environments

The Handbook is available at NO COST. If you are accessing it from a PC or Laptop, you can download it from the right side of your screen (look for the Download File). For mobile users, simply scroll down to the page to find the Download File. The Handbook is available in 6 languages: English, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Greek and Albanian. If you want to have the Handbook in other languages than English, please contact us and we will send the file to you.


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