2nd LTT of TRIO Education Project in Pescara – Italy

In September 22 was organized 2nd LTTA in Pescara – Italy. A training about aggressiveness; the full title was “Study of aggressiveness: reasons of aggressiveness, the role of public authorities and of the school, real cases and countermeasures in local context; best practices in local context. ICT as tools to help parents and trainers.”

In the first day, we focused on aggressiveness in youngsters: our experts explained the main reasons of
aggressiveness, then gave and outlook on the Italian framework and analysed the main patterns of aggressiveness prevention, with special focus on prevention in family environment. We enriched this part with examples, real cases, video testimonials.

In the second day, our experts explained more about aggressiveness and tools / methods for preventing it, with soma useful tricks from Mindfulness and Yoga to cope with aggressive behaviours. We enriched this part with exercises and group activities, as well as data from the Italian context.

In the third day, we explored the effects of aggressiveness at school and bullying phenomenon in particular. Our experts explained about bullying / cyberbullying – reasons and countermeasures. We enriched this part with data from the Italian context, debates and reports from real cases.

Every part of this training was very interactive, as it included role plays, debates and workshops; every participant had a chance to give his/her own feedback at each stage of the training activities, thus enhancing the value of the whole LTTA.

We had cultural activities too, as our guests had a chance to visit Pescara and its heritage, along with its
historical background. They have tried the real Italian cuisine too in local restaurants and pizzerias and had a chance to share the real Italian life, even for few days.

At the end of the LTTA, we collected very good feedbacks from each participant, meaning that they received a valuable training and appreciated their stay here in all the aspects.


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