Local Activity (Piloting) for YOU.TH Project

On October 7th, 2023, Eunoia, in collaboration with the High School of Saraj, organized a significant 4-hour pilot event. A total of 22 participants took part in the event, creating a diverse group that added vibrancy to the atmosphere and facilitated meaningful connections. The school generously offered both indoor and outdoor spaces for our activities. The gathering centered around YOU.TH. activities, including workshops, presentations, and collaborative exercises.


The facilitator adeptly presented the day’s agenda, providing a comprehensive overview of the activities and delving into key aspects such as the organization, the project’s scope, its objectives, the collaborative partners involved, the various phases, and the intellectual outputs (results) anticipated. This introductory session not only set the tone for the event but also ensured that participants gained a thorough understanding of the context and purpose.

During this informative session, participants were encouraged to share their feedback and pose any questions they had. This interactive element fostered engagement and allowed for a more dynamic exchange of ideas. To support their understanding, each participant received informative materials, equipping them with valuable resources to complement the discussions. Furthermore, the facilitator ensured that participants would have continued access to the results and outcomes of the event, thereby promoting ongoing learning and knowledge dissemination beyond the immediate gathering.

Ice-breaking & name games

The session kicked off with energizing name games and ice-breakers designed to cultivate connections among participants who were initially unfamiliar with each other.

During the initial round, individuals took turns stepping forward, sharing not only their names but also personal preferences or dislikes, injecting a spirited vibe into the atmosphere.

As the session progressed to the second round, participants engaged in deeper interactions by reintroducing themselves and exchanging personal experiences, creating a sense of shared camaraderie.

One engaging activity, the Memory Circle, involved participants forming a circle and sharing their names and something they like. Each subsequent participant not only echoed the information provided by the preceding person but also added their own, resulting in a cumulative list that circulated around the circle. Another entertaining activity, “Two Truths and a Lie,” encouraged participants to share three statements about themselves. Among these statements, two were true, and one was false. The group then embarked on the challenge of deciphering which statement was the fabrication, adding an element of fun and intrigue to the interactive session.

Main Activity

We effectively implemented one of the activities outlined in R2. Through the intercultural tolerance role-play activity, participants acquired insights into cultural dimensions and the profound influence of culture on various aspects of life. The primary goal is to counteract intercultural intolerance and bullying by promoting comprehension and appreciation for diverse ethnic and cultural values.

This initiative not only cultivates intercultural tolerance but also urges participants to actively listen, value, and learn from one another’s distinct perspectives and backgrounds. The collaborative nature of the visual representation amplifies the sense of unity and shared experience among the participants. Engaged in a creative process, participants explored and communicated sensitive issues related to digital abuse through theatrical scenarios. The objective of this activity is to nurture empathy, raise awareness, and offer practical insights into preventive measures for these challenging situations. The aim is to empower participants to address digital abuse with sensitivity and proactively contribute to creating a more supportive and informed digital environment.

Final debriefing and evaluation of activity

It’s wonderful to receive feedback indicating the participants’ satisfaction with the training and their enthusiasm to delve into further details about the upcoming steps, as evidenced by their expressed interest.

The fact that all participants who began the morning sessions successfully completed the training speaks volumes about the program’s effectiveness and the engagement it has inspired. It appears that the training not only met but, one could argue, surpassed expectations, fostering a positive and conducive learning environment. As participants progress to the next phases, maintaining open communication and furnishing necessary information becomes paramount. The positive momentum and keen interest displayed by the participants bode well for the overall success and impact of the program.

Presentation of Erasmus + opportunities

Introduction to Erasmus+ and its diverse educational, training, youth, and sports opportunities. Participants were acquainted with the fact that Erasmus+ is tailored to promote international collaboration and mobility, serving as a platform for individuals, institutions, and organizations to partake in transformative experiences, skill enhancement, and cultural exchange. Whether one is a student, educator, or professional, Erasmus+ unveils a realm of possibilities, fostering connections and broadening perspectives. We outlined the avenues through which participants can seize the opportunity to become part of this enriching experience.


We have forwarded comprehensive details outlining the application process for individuals expressing interest in participating in the C2 (originally planned as C3). This information encompasses step-by-step instructions, eligibility criteria, and essential documentation required for a successful application. Interested parties are encouraged to review the provided information thoroughly, ensuring a clear understanding of the application requirements and deadlines.


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