Multiplier Event – Cyberbullying Peer Ambassadors Network

In a recent Multiplier Event hosted by EUNOIA Skopje, the Cyberbullying Peer Ambassadors Network (CPAN) project took center stage, aiming to achieve specific objectives that ranged from disseminating results to exploring new development opportunities in the realm of cyberbullying prevention and intervention. The event drew together a diverse audience, including representatives from the education sector, schoolteachers, youth workers, trainers, professionals from public educational institutions, local authorities’ representatives, and young people.

Informative Sessions and Dissemination:

The primary objectives of the Multiplier Event were meticulously addressed. Participants were informed about the key messages in cyberbullying prevention and intervention, gaining insights into the comprehensive work undertaken by the CPAN project. The dissemination of results further enriched the understanding of attendees, ensuring that the knowledge generated reached a broader audience.

International Participation:

A noteworthy aspect of the event was the inclusion of 10 international participants who delved into EUNOIA’s project, with a specific focus on the CPAN initiative. These participants actively engaged in the discussions and activities of the Multiplier Event, contributing to the global dialogue on cyberbullying prevention and intervention.

Expression of Interest from local Participation:

Among the 57 local participants, a significant number were educators and teachers who exhibited a keen interest in incorporating the CPAN project into their educational institutions. This interest extended beyond a passive curiosity, as teachers expressed a desire to showcase the project and its products among their colleagues in an effort to promote a safer online environment for students.

Call for Additional Training:

The enthusiasm among attendees did not stop at the event itself. There was a specific and fervent request from participants, particularly teachers, for EUNOIA to organize additional training sessions on cyberbullying and bullying. This call for more in-depth training reflects the urgent need for comprehensive education and resources in tackling cyberbullying within school environments.

Impact and Significance:

The positive response from the Multiplier Event underscores the significance of the CPAN project in addressing the challenges posed by cyberbullying. Educators recognize the value of such initiatives and are eager to embrace them within their schools, contributing to a collective effort to create safer digital spaces for young people.


The success of the Multiplier Event not only achieved its specific objectives but also sparked a collective commitment among participants to actively engage in the fight against cyberbullying. The photos captured during the event serve as visual testimony to the enthusiasm and dedication of those involved, portraying a community united in the pursuit of a safer and more inclusive online environment.

The Multiplier Event took place on 30 October 2023 within the facilities of the Municipality of Cair in Skopje, North Macedonia. Below, you can find some photographs captured during the event.










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